Frank Gorshin as The Riddler and Lee Meriwether as Catwoman - Batman (1966)


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The New Godzilla: Mutos?


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Reblogging because he put words into what I felt for that movie.

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I have to take more of my allergy antibiotics and tend to the house chores but when I am done, Cody will probably be home and I can’t say I’ll be back after that.

He got a job, which is great, but it means little time to spend with him on the weekdays. I’ll probably get back on after he passes out so expect to see me around ten or eleven if he can’t fight back his exhaustion.


It sounded stupid. She really, really didn’t want to say. Because a whole new emotion was added to the pot when she realized she really didn’t want his disapproval. God damn it.

"Because he asked, and he’d just gotten out not long before. And I thought something might happen…" she trailed off. Edward and Harvey got along like water and vinegar. Alice didn’t look in his direction as she continued. "Its… not something you really have to worry about. Even if something does come of it, which it shouldn’t, it’s only what I deserve."

That wasn’t anything to do with how she currently felt about herself. It had been an illegal venture… her stomach boiled with nausea. She’d never had this issue during her brief stint as a thief. But then, no one had really gotten hurt. She had no idea why doing this made her feel so sick to her stomach. Because people had gotten hurt and it was completely her own fault.

"I actually met Batman the other evening." She mumbled, face in her hands. Apparently he didn’t have solid evidence against her. Yet. Always ‘yet’.

Because he asked.

Because he asked.

No man was more livid than Edward Nigma at that very moment. His face painted red with rage and he turned away from Alice so she wouldn’t see his expression twist with anger and disgust. 

"I…can’t believe you’d be so…so…" 


He stomped away from her. Fists balled tight and teeth gritted together, Edward was doing nothing but seething now. “Harvey didn’t need your help, he’s never needed! He’s a full-blown adult with an arsenal of criminals at his beck-and-call! And at the very idea that he even asked you for aid, that he even considered it, is not only an insult to what your friendship means to him but this—”

He waved his hand in the air. “—but this will get you thrown away for years, Alice! Years! You helped one of the biggest threats in Gotham by letting him escape! No legal system in the entire country will be able to help you! I can’t—” 

He couldn’t help her now. If Batman was suspicious then it really was a matter of time before they connected her to the crime. They’ll focus on recapturing Harvey first but it won’t be long before the press demands for someone to hang for the incident. They’ll want Alice.

He closed his eyes. “…the Batman. What did he say he had on you?”



Preferring to live within themselves than interact with the world. What a stupid excuse.

"More like all work and no play! You can’t avoid life forever, y’know."

Chaos wasn’t entirely welcome in her life; if it were, she’d have handled better her affairs during the entire ten-year reign of Superman. But she didn’t to her everlasting regret, and even then — to be too orderly in one’s life was a path she didn’t see herself wanting anytime soon. You must live and live for the moment. James Dean had it right, but performed it wrong to his discredit.


"And if you do, you’ll end up thinking everything’s one way when it isn’t. You’re not totally like that yet. I mean, you at least get out ‘cuz you want to! But Question? Well…you know already what he’s like. Don’t have to give you the Cliff Notes," she tittered sheepishly. "Only if he needs to, he’ll, like, get out. Or if I drag him out. I still dunno, how, like— how can anyone live like that…?"

Lia stroked the area under her earlobe, brushing away loose strands of hair behind her ear. She saw how Edward and her partner worked together in the latter’s ‘office’; their late night work, sudden frenzied investigations, even their banter could’ve made anyone in this unfortunate era think they were the couple in picture. On account of all the time they’d spent, that is, because for everything else it seemed as if the green-dressed one knew just how to deal with the blue suited one with no accident.

No fights.

Lucky for everyone else, jealousy in Lia’s mind only builds up if anyone starts harassing and/or talking to Question in a more than intimate way.

Giggling, she winked playfully. “Like, duh! Of course I am! I never told you? On my world, everyone’s way up on anything tech! Just, y’know, not everyone was able to make groovy tech for their first holoscopic movie.”

"Trust me, configuring and reconfiguring the cannons for it took me just as long as deciding on a fab dress for the premiere!"

He rolled his eyes at Lia, amused by her exclamation. “Lia, dear, sometimes work is play.” For the likes of Edward, Question, even Batman to some degree, work was life. Nothing satisfied them more than being productive. To lay around and chat about the latest pop cultures was static, meaningless, and didn’t provide anything except a loss of precious time. 

Still, Lia was only half-wrong about the matter.

"I agree. It is good to get out," he answered with a smirk, wondering how his words might affect his friend’s day later. It all depended on how Lia took it, he supposed. "Work can be very stressful, especially for people like Question, but that’s not news for you. You’ve undoubtedly come across him when he’s at his breaking point. An extreme case of isolation but your boyfriend proves your point with flying colors."

"He’s accepted work as his everything. Nothing outside his office exist unless it is people he needs to question, investigate, or fight. It is all he knows at this point. So, you coming in and showing him that the world is more than formulas, conspiracies, or unanswered questions is like teaching a child to not ask questions when put in front of a room of mysterious and quandaries."

"To put it simply, he doesn’t know how to live in the moment any more."

Lia was probably wrecking every rule Question put in place in his little world. Don’t get attached. Don’t get emotional. Don’t let anyone get involved personally. Lia was a control group he couldn’t control or predict, but the fact the two fought and bickered showed that she was picking away at his mask and revealing the man behind it. It wasn’t easy, he imagined, but loving someone whose married to their work has never been.

Ah, he forgot Lia wasn’t from this timeline. In fact, he never inquired on it for some reason. He did some snooping when they first met but he never went further than the basics of who she was and what reality she was from. Regardless, it was still weird to picture her behind a machine with pliers in hand and wires strewn about the place. She was definitely more suited for shopping than chop-shop, at least in his opinion. 

Tilting his head to the side, he considered for a moment on inquiring her aid on the project. It was top-secret but Lia was a hero and a friend. He might be able to trust her on the details. The only problem was whether she could keep them a secret from her significant other.

"…hm, I could use an extra hand but it is a classified project. I can’t have it spread across the winds on what the machine is." Or does, for that matter.

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