The traumatized are unpredictable because we know we can survive.
 Bedelia Du Maurier (NBC’s Hannibal)

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Batman villains + mental instability

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Riddler’s in charge now


More batman villains.

I am going to be a party-pooper and call it a night. I got on a little too late for me to do anything super productive and after eating too much dinner, I am so ready for bed. 

So here I am, pooping out of this party.

I will see you lovely folks another night but until then— enjoy yourselves and have a fantastic evening.

doctorkiebeth whispered: TBH, I don't trust you any further than I can throw you... and seeing as I'm not the type to pick up and throw a man with a cane, that's not very far. However... that doesn't take away from how much I enjoy our little meetings.

You are a danger, a poison I cannot escape. The way you worm your way into my games and my riddles excites me and titillates every fiber of my being. There is no one I enjoy frustrating more than you, and I cannot wait to see how you weave through my maze of lies and riddles.

crazedkitty1290 whispered: (IC) TBH I worry about your health. With as much work and stress you go through you'll wind up with a heart attack.

Now that is a worry that needs to be put to rest. I promise I won’t keel over on you any time soon, Sashta, and you should consider taking your own advice given how much trouble you get yourself into on a daily basis.

hubcityquestion whispered: TBH: You're arrogant, cocky, narcissistic at times, intelligent, crafty, clever, and possibly the only person I feel I can call friend.

You’re identity is a riddle I can’t solve. Your investigation techniques makes you a bigger threat than the Bat ever war. You are someone I should hate, despise, yet I admire you, encourage your hunt, and…

….know you are the only person who would understand me for what I asm as a whole. The Riddler and Nigma.

psychicliddell whispered: (ic) TBH you are the most frustrating person I have ever had the dubious pleasure to care about. The. most. frustrating. If I were to be called 'zen' before hand, or think I didn't have a temper you've killed that notion.

I think you are over-reacting on that one. I hardly consider myself that frustrating.